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The Ultimate New Years Resolution: Get to Sleep (finally) in 2021

Whatever New Years Resolutions you may have, whatever you want to focus on in 2021, whatever you want to commit too, whatever you want to improve...why not focus on the one thing that will raise the bar on everything else...SLEEP.

If you want to improve your health...sleep.

If you want to improve your productivity...sleep.

If you want to improve your relationships...sleep.

If you want to improve your well-being...sleep.

If you want to improve your mood...sleep.

If you want to improve the overall quality of you life...sleep.

However, I know for many people, sleep is not an easy task. So below, I have provided some inspiration and ideas for small changes you can take today, to help get you on the path towards satisfying sleep. Also, I have included a few of my favorite sleep products that also may support your sleep journey.

Need some inspiration on where to start?

Pick one or two environmental and/or behavioral changes and stick with them for a month and notice if your sleep improves:

- no screens (TV, phone, tablet etc) in the bedroom

- get blackout curtains (so no light in the room)

- cut your caffeine consumption in half and stop consuming all caffeine by 12pm

- no screens an hour before bed

- give yourself wind down time before bed - no stressful conversations, work, etc just slowed down 'chill' time.

- read by low light when getting into bed

- have a guided meditation ready if you wake up too early and can’t get back to sleep

- If you are struggling to fall asleep or fall back asleep after 30 mins, get up and read by low light in another room (if possible) and as soon as you feel slightly sleepy, go straight back to bed.

- manage your daytime stress, as this often creeps into the night

If you don’t notice any improvement in your sleep or energy during the day enlist some professional support.

- speak to your doctor about your concerns about sleep to rule out any medical conditions/medication interactions that could be interfering with sleep

- get a full assessment from a sleep medicine practitioner (my go-to referral is always @soroushzaghimd at @breathe_institute ) to understand any structural or functional issues that may be at play with breathing or sleep

- if it’s not a structural or functional issue and you’re breathing fine, it’s most likely stress-related, and that’s where myself or a good therapist can be of support.

Some of my favorite sleep products

For those of you using guided meditations, natures sounds etc to fall asleep, I love SleepPhones. These headphones for sleep make falling asleep listening to an audio track more comfortable, even for side sleepers.

Baloo Living has a series of wonderful products for calm and sleep, including eco-friendly weighted blankets & eye masks. Their weighted blankets use non-toxic glass beads (a lot of weighted blankets on the market use toxic plastic as the beads) and the only weighted blanket on the market using 100% natural materials.

May your sleep be deep and restful!

The Oura Ring is a great way to focus on sleep, track your sleep, and your sleep progress. I have one coming in the mail and I'm really excited about it.

May your sleep be deep and restful in 2021 and beyond!


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