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Chronic pain is a complex issue, that needs a multidisciplinary approach.  However, addressing the underlying nervous system issues of pain are often overlooked.  Using meditation and Cassandra's method, clients can work to address and unwind the nervous system tension, that can often contribute to pain.

TMJ Pain Testimonial

June 1967– 15 years old, I saw my parents die in front of my eyes, the result of a drunk driver. My grandmother, a stalwart woman born the turn of the 20th century, provided love and support, but no one had ever heard of PTSD at that time. So I “soldiered on,” but inside, I froze. And I clinched– for 50 years I clenched my jaw so hard and so much that I destroyed the joints.

Fast forward fifty years– total jaw joint replacement. The physical problem was fixed but not the cause. Physical therapy, massage therapy, myofunctional therapy, cranial osteopathy, and... finally... meditation. My myofunctional therapist recommended Cassandra to me and she has made a world of difference in my life.

It was only when I began working with Cassandra that I came to realize that, 50+ years ago, in fight or flight mode, I simply froze. The world was not a safe place. I could not truly relax; I especially could not relax my jaw. I have been working with Cassandra for about six months, learning to meditate; learning how to visualize my pain; learning to relax; learning to feel safe. And slowly, oh, so slowly, I am getting to the cause of my TMJ. I am learning, on a deep level, to relax, which means on a superficial level, I am finally breaking the habit of clinching my jaws. It’s a habit 50+ years in the making, so it’s not something one overcomes quickly. I am a work in progress, but progress it is. Cassandra has made a world of difference to me and I am ever so grateful for her presence in my life.

The world we live in gives us access to people on the other side of the country (or the world!) and, thanks to Skype and Zoom, Cassandra has made it possible for me to utilize her services, despite 2000 miles between us. More importantly, Cassandra has given me a teacher, a confidant, and, even, a friend. I tell everyone I know about the help she has given me. Some think I’m crazy, but an amazing number are 100% supportive.


Every so often, someone comes along and makes a permanent, positive change in your life. Cassandra is one of those people for me.

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