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About Cassandra

Cassandra Carlopio, a licensed Psychologist in Australia, has been teaching mindfulness meditation and yoga nidra in Southern California for the past four years.  Cassandra focuses on all things sleep and relaxation-related, and thousands of people fall asleep to her guided meditations on YouTube, Spotify and various meditation apps each night. 


Cassandra completed her Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology in 2012, on the Gold Coast of Australia.  Since then, she has committed herself to understanding how the mind and the nervous system work, to help people heal from trauma, addiction, anxiety and insomnia.    


Cassandra has worked with Major League Soccer and the National Hockey League, trains medical professionals in functional sleep medicine, and works with clients from across the United States and internationally, via online video conferencing.  With an expertise in helping people shift their association with sleep, and unwind the nervous system so people can access a deep and restful sleep with ease.  


Cassandra is a collaborative partner at The Breathe Institute, an internationally-recognized leader in functional sleep medicine. And teaches meditation classes across Southern California.


Cassandra believes that a quality life comes from quality rest, and has dedicated herself to the art and science of relaxation and sleep.   “The quality of our sleep is directly related to the quality of our waking life.  Relax well, sleep well, live well”.  

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