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Cassandra uses a unique combination of meditation, somatic release work, psychology, yoga nidra and breath work to help people communicate with their nervous system and get their body, subconscious and conscious mind synced up.   Once goals and direction for the session are established, people are guided through a somatic meditation. No prior meditation experience is necessary, just an open mind and desire to change.



Do you struggle fall asleep or stay asleep? Do you wake up feeling tired?  Have you struggled with sleep apnea?

Have stress, anxiety or fear associated with sleep?

Cassandra helps people re-associate sleep with calm and safety.  Clients learn evidence-based techniques to calm their nervous system, relax deeply, and access a deeply restful sleep.


Do you struggle with anxiety or stress?  Feel that no matter you do, say or think, you are still stressed, anxious or nervous? Do you suffer from panic attacks? Does anxiety interfere with the life you want to live?

Cassandra helps people learn to work with their nervous system to calm down, and come into a healthy reltaionship with anxiety, fear and nervousness.


Do you struggle with acute or chronic pain? Do you find yourself clenching your jaw? Are you holding tension in your shoulders? 

Cassandra helps people unwind habitual tension patterns that contribute to physical pain and body tension. Clients learn to relate differently to their perception of pain, and find a sense of wellbeing despite physical limitations.

high performance

Are you an athlete looking to improve your performance?  A corporate executive looking to improve productivity? A creative thats blocked?

Cassandra helps people improve their performance overall through mindset, focus exercises, and unlocking subconscious limiting beliefs.  Further, Cassandra helps people prime their nervous system for energy, focus and success.

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